Article in Børn og Unge!

Justin Markussen-Brown

Today, the magazine Børn og Unge brings an article about the results of a study I headed up as part of my Ph.D. project. Børn og Unge is the professional magazine for the largest union of early childhood educators in Denmark.

The study investigated the quality of the physical language environment in Danish preschools. You can read the article starting on page 27 here

The study found that there was generally a rather unsystematic approach to creating quality in the physical learning environment in Danish preschools, but that there was a lot of variation. In all, 293 preschools were investigated.

Thank you very much to Laila Kjærbæk Hansen, the rest of the team at SDU, and the many student assistants who helped with this study! The study was carried out as part of the research projects SPELL and Fart på Sproget, with funding from the Strategic Research Council and the Danish Board of Social Services respectively. Most importantly, my deepest appreciation to all preschools and educators who participated in the study.